Fuego Lighters Robusto Cigar Lighter

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Fuego Lighters Robusto Cigar Lighter Description

Lighting a thick cigar perfectly is not always easy. Not only do you need to be skilled and experienced but you also need your external environment to comply with good weather and little to no wind. Take all of the skill, science, and external factors out of the equation and light up full-sized cigars perfectly and consistently every time in seconds. Get a professional light easily with an even and pronounced cherry that allows you to smoke more of your fine cigar. The patent pending burner plate creates a surface light that avoids deep interior and run-off burns that you normally get from torches or flames that burn too much of the cigar. Many cigar connoisseurs also think that butane alters the taste of fine cigars. The Fuego Cigar Lighter is 100% electronic and omits no harmful gasses. This cigar lighter is a necessity for anyone who smokes cigars and wants the perfect light. Every time.

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