Mystim Twisting Tom Electrosex Toy

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Mystim Twisting Tom Electrosex Toy Description

Warning: Current must never flow through the heart. Do not use if you have a pacemaker are pregnant if you suffer from epilepsy or on any broken or inflamed skin. The Mystim Twisting Tom is the first ever Quattro-polar prostate stimulator made of 100% medical grade platinum silicone. The 4 poles create two separated stimulation areas: the prostate and the perineum. Thanks to Flex Stay you can bend Twisting Tom in whatever form you desire the toy will keep this form. Length 130mm e or approximately 5.11 inches. Diameter minimum 25mm maximum 37mm e or approximately .98 inch to 1.46 inches. Features 2 connector points on the base. Please note this is an attachment for the Tension Lover Kit or Pure Vibes Kit. This does not include a power source. Sold separately.

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