SexyLife Concentrate Pheromones to Attract Men – 5ml

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SexyLife Concentrate Pheromones to Attract Men – 5ml Description

Pheromones to Attract Men! Our Sexy Life 100% pheromone concentrate is suitable for both independent use as well as in combination with any body spray, scented mist, or cologne! In essence, our aphrodisiac perfume is a strong pheromone concentrate for attracting men. It is able to excite their sexual receptors and make them almost instantly attracted to you! Our formula is sure to help you find your match. The latest formula used in this cologne is able to control a man’s sexual attraction and point him in your direction. Our pharmaceutical level perfume has pheromones that work for more than 24 hours after application, allowing those pheromones all day and all night! Sexy Life pheromone perfume for women contains the newest formula developed in our laboratory located in “the capital of love:” Paris. Our experts have designed this perfume to specifically target the male brain receptors. It’s practically a modern-day love potion created through science and natural human scents. This formula affects a person on a physical level, so physical attraction will be instantaneous. Like we said, it’s not just scientific chemistry, it can also help lead to emotional chemistry, so it is impossible for him to resist you. Just a few drops of perfume and you’ll turn into a stunning seductress and thief of hearts. It may even invoke the envy of your friends and will definitely help you gain the admiration of the opposite sex! Mix and match your own perfumes with our love potion to find the perfect combination!

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