Sorbo 6 Inch Squeegee Set

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Sorbo 6 Inch Squeegee Set Description

Sorbo Fast Release Swivel Handle with outlet for safety line on top. Its spring loaded lower jaw prevents accidental openings. This is the fastest fast release on the market. It is not necessary to slide the handle to the end of the squeegee to release, it snaps off wherever it is located. It can also slide back and forth to allow better reach. And with the swivel, overhead windows can be cleaned horizontally from a standing position. Its handle grip fits most poles on the market. Sorbo 3×4 Adjustable Squeegees are the safest, lightest and straightest squeegees. Made from extruded high quality aluminum alloy, they are extraordinarily rigid and strong to give unparalleled consistency and durability, but lightweight to help prevent user fatigue. Being rigid they apply even pressure from end to end, assuring streak free windows. It is adjustable with four settings which make it possible to reduce firmness when cleaning high windows from the ground. Tips are angled at 40 degrees to prevent frame from coming in contact with the window frame while allowing the rubber blade to clean closer to frames and corners.Sorbo Squeegee Blade is composed of a special blend of natural rubber to ensure resiliency and superior consistency. This formula allows for better adaptability to window glass irregularities to make window cleaning easier and faster. It is very smooth and slides easily on the window (requires little pressure on glass). Special rubber blend allows for longer shelf life, greater temperature resistance and longer usage life than other squeegee rubber.

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