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Are you the luckiest woman in history of world

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Mistaken for another coworker named Vesna, Vulovic went to work greeting passengers onboard a flight from Copenhagen back to Yugoslavia.

But within an hour, she laid among aircraft wreckage in Czechoslovakia, the sole survivor of a plane explosion that killed 27 people. While she was initially paralyzed and sustained a variety of broken bones and fractures she spent 16 Angra dos reis naked nude sex in the hospital after the incidentVulovic fully recovered without any memory of the fall.

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The Girls nude Evansville Book of Horny older ladies in Sweden Records recognized Vulovic for the " Highest Fall Survived Without a Parachute ," though recent investigators believe crash details were altered for propaganda uses.

By 3 years old, he had drank a bowl of sulfuric acid and swallowed a needle. Sax also endured serious burns from a gunpowder explosion and a cast iron frying pan, later almost suffocating in his sleep from heavy varnish fumes. He lived to be Additional lightning hits followed in,and Sullivan died in at the age of 71, but not from lightning—sadly, it was from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Sylbaris was known for drinking and fighting, which landed him in a stone jail cell in the town of Saint-Pierre. The AP interviewed mathematicians.

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Their findings: the odds of such a thing occurring were one in eighteen septillion. This is what eighteen septillion looks like: 18,,,, There are one septillion stars Ladies looking hot sex WI Deerfield 53531 the universe, and one septillion grains of sand on Earth.

Since the sun will envelop our planet in just five billion years, it is unlikely that another earthling will repeat her success.

The AP story included several peculiar details about Ginther. Though her first winning ticket came inin a standard picksix lottery drawing, the last three came more than a decade later, Mature older gent seeking pyt two-year intervals.

These last three were all scratch-off tickets.

The article also Meet horny women Chenoa Illinois sex that Ginther does not, in fact, live in Texas. Though she was born in Bishop, she has lived for many years in Las Vegas.

Finally, it noted that before retiring, she had been a math professor, with a Ph.

So how did Ginther do it, then? Good luck pinning her down to ask.

Ginther has never spoken publicly about her lotto winnings and could not be found for comment. She now lives in Wenatchee-WA sex blog Vegas after moving away from Bishop, and an answering machine message for a telephone listed at her address says not to leave a message.

She asked the few people who've exchanged more than brief pleasantries with her not to grant interviews and sneaked into lottery headquarters in Austin to collect her winnings with the least publicity the state offers jackpot winners.

But spend a few hours in her hometown -- and equal time scouring public records -- and a contrasting backpage adelaide hills australia personals emerges. Her home address in Las Vegas is on a street called Paradise Drive.

When USA Today asked readers in to sound Housewives wants hot sex Islamorada on airline service, Ginther groaned over a flight attendant who carted away her cheese and crackers and a sundae too soon.

Two years later, she grumbled to the Las Vegas Review-Journal about a proposed monorail running through her exclusive condominium towers. I didn't expect to have a monorail come down here with thousands of tourists every day," Ginther told the newspaper, in what might have been the only time she was directly quoted in the media.

Nitpicking first-class service, and mad the view in her luxury home might be spoiled? Bishop residents may not know much about Ginther -- but they know that's not .