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Depending on how the store is store is run, it's a good job or a horrible job.

I didn't hate the job, but I wouldn't go back after leaving. Management is not concerned about the employees.

They don't always give someone to cover the mantory breaks unless it's for front end employees. Front end gets better treatment when it comes to breaks.

The stores almost want to create competition by the seniority in hours,but when someone ask for less hours do to school they don't care and department managers will schedule employee how they see fit. Intelligent outgoing Nampa Alberta female for time off is a nightmare.

Don't get to attach to any one person because it's revolving door for employees.

A lot of employees come and go. As I said every Safeway will be different since there's no consistency between managers and stores.

Pros Hoilday bonuses, union, fast paced and people Cons People, management, breaks, no consistently in management and no concern for other commitments. Was this review helpful?