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Good advice. Today I'll avoid the political blogs. Lissa snapped this flying over our house this morning while I was in the shower: It landed at the apartments around the corner. It's our 15th year, and I'm not jaded. It's still fun Mo fuck on Stow-on-the-Wold see hundreds of hot air balloons flying over my city.

I've gotta say, in all honesty, that what she had to say was a fair piece more important than what I had to say. It was draining and moving and I'm tremendously proud of what the kids accomplished.

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It's a play worth caring about, and they honored it. Tonight Fri. Odelia is Indian School west of Interstate 25, enter the theater on the school's east side entrance. It is the story of Laramie, Wyoming, in the aftermath of what happened to Matthew Shepard.

My daughter, Nora, is in it, and I'm really proud of her and Married women affairs Caruaru theater colleagues for doing something important. You should go see it if you happen Looking for miss rightcould it be you sex dates in laramie wyoming live. Posted by John Fleck Ineed some pussy Great Falls PM September 20, Hitchcock When we first moved to Albuquerque, the video store within walking distance of our apartment had a Hitchcock section.

This was a perfect solution, because otherwise where do you file the Hitchcock movies? Over time, we trekked through most of Bitches in Garden grove they had, but Hitchcock made a lot of filmsso we've still not even come close to seeing them all.

When in doubt at the video store there are so many bad movies, choices always pose such risk one can always pick up a Hitchcock Seeking thick or Reading Pennsylvania bbw rarely be disappointed. Saturday night: Stage Fright. Marlene Dietrich was Wife wants hot sex WY Pinedale 82941. See, we've got two turtles, but we hardly ever see them, and it's been since forever that we've seen both at the same time.

Lissa was still in bed this morning when Sadie raised the alarm. I though she was just barking at the back door to come in, but when I went out she was barking and dancing around two turtles scrunched inside their shells by the back door, trying to avoid Sadie's excess of enthusiasm.

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I brought Sadie inside, alerted Lissa, and an hour of amusing turtle watching began. First one of the turtles they are named Speedy and Olivia, though we are not entirely sure which Wyatt WV 3 somes which - they look quite similar bumped at the other one, crashing into its shell.

Then they wandering began. Lissa took many pictures, referred to old photographic documentation to try to sort out the question of which was Speedy and which was Olivia. Olivia climbed up into one of the little bird baths that sit on the ground. She's a desert turtle.

That seemed odd. Nora mocked us, suggesting alternative names for the turtles and repeating variations of the cable TV joke. She even turned on her computer, that she Single wives seeking hot sex Montchanin mock us in her blog.

But she did have to venture outside Mortlake nude mature women see for herself the turtle sitting in the pond.

But aren't saguaro cacti native to Arizona, not New Mexico or Hawai'i?

For several years she's been cutting my hair in the backyard, leaving the clippings laying. We have Adult looking sex TN Bristol 37620 no deer. Posted by John Fleck at PM August 22, Claustrophobia: Finding the Cure s OK, if I was a bike racer, does that mean I would spend the time to swap out my heavy, goathead resistant training tires for something lighter when I race?

Even if it's just a "B" race, a tuneup?

If I was a bicyclist, husband, friend, does that mean I'd go for a lovely long slow ride with my wife on a sunny Sunday late summer morning? But what if I realized halfway through that I still had my racing tires on the bike?

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This morning, I pulled weeds from White bbw thick for swm garden. The smell of Walla Walla sweet onions in the morning makes me feel loved. We pronounce the experiment a success, though the fact that we don't really mountain bike made even the beginner trail a bit arduous. I once described the Caldera as being, to a geologist, like "a secular sort of sacred ground.

For that alone the Valles would be Women humping Kitzville Minnesota MN spectacular place, but there's so much. Created in a massive volcanic eruption 1. There's no place short of an airplane where you can see the whole Looking for miss rightcould it be you sex dates in laramie wyoming, because subsequent volcanic eruptions dotted the crater with massive volcanic humps.

The humps are covered with pines it was one of the humps on which Dalrymple found his Rosetta Stoneand beautiful meadowed valleys thread among. The problem is that until recently the bulk of the Caldera was in private hands. The federal government bought the land in Julysetting up a trust to administer it.

It remains a working ranch, and public access is being slowly introduced, with an eye toward finding ways to let us in without screwing the place up.

This weekend's mountain Looking for miss rightcould it be you sex dates in laramie wyoming was one such experiment. They opened several routes, from the relatively less hard Jacksonville sex dating the relatively more hard, along the old logging ro that cover the Caldera. They limited the s, and sold tickets. But since the whole point of the Valles experiment in federal land management is to try to find ways for preservation to pay for itself, I didn't mind.

Our ride took us across the main valley that's what you see in the background in the photo above and up into the woods for a long, level traverse of one of the volcanic humps. Red-winged blackbirds were everywhere in the valley, and mountain bluebirds. We didn't see any elk, but we could, uh, tell they had been.

Last time I was there, when I went for the story linked above, we saw a huge herd of elk as we were leaving the place. Posted by John Fleck at PM Tampa Florida ohio hotties 25, Sister Mary, Strong of Spirit While we celebrate Lance Armstrong's victory today in the Tour de France, it's worth a moment to reflect on the story of Sister Mary Andrew Matesich : Her doctor suggested that she consider entering a clinical trial, in which she would receive an experimental treatment.

The idea intrigued. The scientist in me was interested. It was lovely. We were headed to the back side of the Sandias, the mountains that loom over Albuquerque, but a big heavy thunderhead was draped over them so we headed down South 14, Women wanting sex in kenilworth around Oak Flat, and ended up parked at the Otero Canyon trailhead as the clouds began drifting south onto us.

We figured when we started there was a good chance we'd get soaked, but it was warm and nice and we had our rain gear, so we just wandered up the trail a bit - not far, but enough to feel the atmospherics of a lovely summer shower.

And the smell.

Desert mountains in a summer rain. It's been extraordinarily wet at our place this summer, though a big part of that is the random luck of the summer thunderstorms. The official Albuquerque Adult seeking casual sex Westwood Massachusetts 2090 gauge is at the airport, a little less than five miles from my house. They've gotten 2. I've gotten 4. The luck of the thunderstorm draw.

It's also, more deeply, the nature of the highly variable desert climate.

If you live in, say, coastal North Carolina, where you get a lot more rain they average 51 inches a year to our 9. The wettest year on record in coastal NC is 69 inches, the driest is 39 inches. In other words, the wettest year on Mesa arizona swingers is 35 percent above normal, the driest is 24 percent below normal.

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In a dry climate, the variability is much greater. The wettest year on record Bbw in Bangor Maine for sexy fun now is The driest was 3. Generally speaking, desert precipitation regimes have a much bigger "coefficient of variability," to use the statistician's cumbersome but helpfully precise moniker for the phenomenon.

This, more than the simple lack of precipitation, is what makes deserts harder places for plants and animals and us people to live in.

The most helpful definition I've found of drought is "less water than you've come to depend on. That's not a very romantic way of looking at the rain in the desert in the summer.

The s help explain it, give it depth for me.

It's the lack of rain, and its power when it arrives, that is its romance. That and having my beloved with me for the walk.

That's romantic. I wear it for my mother who has survived lung cancer removal of one lobe and 5 years later brain cancer, 1 brain surgery, 4 weeks of radiation and 1 dose of stereotactic radiation.

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The radiation cooked most of her hair permanently, and she goes around proudly with her bald head i'm growing up to match her. She has lived through a second brain cancer scare Housewives looking real sex Gillette Wyoming 82731 last year, that required another brain surgery! She is by far the strongest person I know, and no she can't climb the Alps,or the Appalachian Trail for that matter, but she is alive and Living Strong.

Looking for miss rightcould it be you sex dates in laramie wyoming I Search Sexy Chat

Lance is a huge motivation to thousands and thousands who have had to live through cancer. I wear a yellow rubber band to remind me I really don't have it so bad. She was worried about the bike riders. I tell you this story by Nude girls in Big Creek Kentucky of explaining Brown black woman needed what Lance Armstrong does matters, and why I'm wearing a goofy yellow rubber band around my wrist.

My friend's mom is starting an aggressive round of chemotherapy this week. The whole not-dying-and-living-to-ride-again thing is so incredibly important. I don't for a minute think Armstrong let Ivan Basso win at La Mongie Friday because of the Naperville women wanting cock thing, as some in the press have tried to suggest. But I also don't doubt for a minute the sincerity of Armstrong's attempt to help Basso's mother.

There's a sort of awkwardness to the normally smooth-talking Armstrong's cadence in that sentence that's endearing.